The Origin + (plus) genuine leather bag is for those who need to pack just a little bit more.  For mums of newborns, multiples, or for the traveling spirit. 
The Origin + (plus) is built with the same refined and sleek look of the Origin but almost double the capacity. From the Chelsea to Coachella this bag is build to last. the supple soft leather is designed to wear beautifully, while taking in any treatment you can dish out. The scuffs and scrapes will add character and warmth to your bag, making it a lifetime staple. 
Gold hardware adorns, accompanied by leather tassels. 
The Origin + (plus) has the same configuration as the Origin with deeper and bigger pockets across the board.  
6 interior pockets and 3 exterior for everything you need.  Inside you will find a laptop sleeve perfect for stashing the tablet or laptop, a plus sized zipped pocket for the items you need to secure and 4 anything pockets perfectly sized for bottles, diapers, or anything else you may need. 
The outside front pocket is designed for the easy to reach need-it-now items, while the sides are perfect for keeping those sunnies, keys and lip cell phones at the ready. 
Versatility - Use as a backpack with padded straps, giving more comfort for a longer wear. Hide the straps away and attach the cross body strap to the sides for a cross body or over the shoulder option.  
  • Dimensions - 13.5 x 8 x 16 (Length, Width, Height) 
  • Capacity - 22 L 
  • The Origin + (Plus) in Black - Stark, classic, and essential.
  • Dust bag included. 
  • Bag weight 3.9 LBS

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