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The Flex cradle is a hanging cradle that swings and bounces. 
At night, you can suspend the cradle from that special place beside your bed. During the day, you can place the cradle on its feet anywhere you wish. This way, you have your baby with you at all times in his or her trusted cradle.

The Flex cradle can be clicked quite simply out of the ropes and placed on its short legs. Thanks to the shortness of the legs, the cradle can be put down on a table, next to the couch or between the daisies in your yard.

The cradle is also an ideal travel cot: it weighs less than 7 lb (3 kg) and is easy to dismantle. It can be used, under parental supervision, up to 14 months
The price includes the spring and a comfortable mattress made of coconut fibers with recycled-wool tufting and a removable cover of soft organic cotton.