Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board

Compatible with Bugaboo strollers, the Comfort Wheeled Board allows you to bring an older child along for the ride. The board clamps onto your Bugaboo stroller quickly, and an elastic cord secures it in a folded position when not in use. The Comfort Wheeled Board allows you to enjoy life on the move with two children--without a bulky double stroller. An easy option for parents and caregivers of multiple children, the Comfort Wheeled Board works with the Bugaboo Fox, Bugaboo Donkey, Bugaboo Cameleon, Bugaboo Buffalo, and Bugaboo Bee strollers. Using the two clamps in the included adapter set, you can attach the board to your stroller in seconds. The flexible board positioning - left or right from the center - creates extra walking space. The board offers your child the option to stand or sit with an easy to attach seat. When not in use, the board can easily be clicked up or detached.

Measuring 12 inches wide, the Comfort Wheeled Board is roomy enough to allow both of your child's feet to fit comfortably. For extra safety, the board has traction ridges too keep each foot firmly in place. The board features a durable, spring-suspended wheel that offers 360-degree rotation for easy maneuverability. Please note, your child should always hold onto the stroller's chassis when on the board. The durable elastic cord allows you to fold up the board when not in use. The band attaches securely to your stroller chassis with its easy-to-use Velcro strap. The Comfort Wheeled Board is backed by a manufacturer's two-year warranty. More than just a passing trend, Bugaboo products provide convenience paired with high-function design for on-the-go families.

The Bugaboo model is based on a smart central axis, user-friendly features, and modular construction. Bugaboo strollers and accessories continue to evolve and offer fresh, unique design. They are essential items that make life easier for modern caregivers. Features: Roomy board allows you to bring along an older child for the ride, Two clamps attach to the stroller in seconds, Spring-suspended wheel provides 360-degree rotation for easy maneuverability, Elastic cord helps fold up the board when not in use, Supports children up to 48 pounds in weight.

SKU: 85600WB01