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Clek Drink-Thingy Cup Holder for Foonf and Fllo
Drink-thingy additional cup holder is available to snap onto the Foonf & Fllo frame. Dishwasher...
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Clek Fllo 2018 Convertible Car Seat
The Clek Fllo is a compact convertible car seat that is complete with industry-leading safety...
Clek Foonf 2018 Convertible Car Seat
The Clek Foonf is the mother of all car seats. Its patented REACT (Rigid-LATCH Energy...
Clek Infant-Thingy
Clek Infant-Thingy Infant insert for Clek Foonf and Fllo Convertible Child Seats The Clek infant-thingy is...
Clek Mat-Thingy
Clek Mat Thingy Vehicle seat protector for all Clek car seats and booster seats The...
Clek Olli Booster Seat
The Big-Kid Portable Seat Without Numb-Bum Olli is an award-winning belt-positioning backless booster. It says...
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Clek Oobr Booster Seat
The First of its Class in Seating Clek's fullback booster seat built just like the...
Clek Weelee Car Seat Travel Bag
Universal Car Seat Travel Bag All parents can agree that traveling with children can be...