Organic Kapok Nursing Pillow and Infant Support Pillow is handmade with a unique blend of organic materials. Filled with freshly picked and sorted kapok fiber, the naturally focused design is unlike any other on the market. Think about how much of the early like of your child's spend on a nursing pillow and how important it is that it is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, substances, allergens and flame retardants. 

Its versatile shape and generous size mean it will grow with our baby - offering the perfect spot for tummy time, playing, sitting or just discovering little fingers and toes. Its shape provides and ergonomic position to make breastfeeding more comfortable for both you and your little one, and can also be used for optimal bonding when bottle feeding or cuddling. 

It comes covered in a soft but heavy canvas cloth and a cotton cover to protect from spills. Although filled with natural Kapok, this pillow can be washed and tumbled on allow in case of an emergency. For small spills, spot clean and place in the drier to tumble on medium to low head. 

Please note that this item is pictured with the cover and without.