Why It Pays to Invest in a Lightweight Stroller

Why It Pays to Invest in a Lightweight Stroller

Dallas Robinson

Life with an infant comes with a learning curve. No matter how many tutorials you read, you still have to go through some guesswork to figure out how tight to strap on a diaper or how to get a bottle to the perfect temperature for your baby’s preference.


You’ll also go through a lot of turmoil trying to choose the best products for your baby, from cribs and changing tables, to bottles and pacifiers, to car seats and strollers. When it comes to choosing a stroller, you’ll naturally focus on safety, but you also need to consider utility, and this often means comparing heavy-duty and lightweight models.


Why would you choose a lightweight stroller for your infant? You’re likely to give up some extras like sturdier wheels and storage space in the process. What benefits will you gain along the way? Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a lightweight stroller.



While there are going to be dedicated individuals that want to take baby for frequent jogs or long outings at the park, many busy parents don’t need a heavy stroller for daily use, such as short jaunts to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or the mall. Lightweight strollers are much better suited to quick trips.


For example, some lightweight strollers feature an easy and convenient one-hand solution for folding, so you can do it with a baby in your arms instead of leaving the stroller by the trunk to put your baby in a car seat, and then leaving your baby unattended while you return to the rear of the car to muscle your stroller into a folded position for storage in the trunk.


Easy Transport

Lightweight strollers are just easier to transport. In addition to features like one-hand folding, lightweight strollers are designed for easy storage. Not only are they smaller and more compact when folded, but they are much easier to lift into and out of your trunk or cargo space.


Whereas a heavy-duty stroller might weigh anywhere from 20-35 pounds or more, most lightweight strollers come in at 10-15 pounds, which is significantly more manageable, especially with a baby in your arms. They’re also easier to store on airplanes and in other scenarios where you might need to check them or tuck them away.


Easy Maneuvering

Lightweight strollers are naturally easier to push around. Because they are more compact, they can move through narrow spaces like doorways and crowds with greater ease than their bulkier, heavy-duty counterparts. In addition, they don’t require the same physical effort to move.


When you’re in a hurry, with a busy day of errands ahead of you, a lightweight stroller helps you to save time and conserve energy. As a parent who starts every day at least a little bit sleep deprived, this added convenience can be a godsend.


Lower Cost

When you give up some of the bells and whistles inherent to heavy-duty strollers, you’ll enjoy reduced cost as a result. Of course, you also have to consider that you simply won’t get the same use out of a lightweight stroller.


While heavy-duty options are designed to stay with you from infancy through toddlerhood, most lightweight strollers are only good for up to about a year (after which the stroller may not comfortably and safely support the weight of your growing child). The good news is that even lightweight strollers are designed to be durable, which means you can fold them up for convenient storage until you have your next child.


Safety Features

You might be understandably concerned that a bare-bones, lightweight stroller will skimp on safety, but this just isn’t true. Safety is a paramount concern with strollers of every stripe, so whether you’re purchasing a heavy-duty or lightweight model, you can expect to find measures like a 5-point harness and durable materials and construction.


What you might not find is the added comforts and conveniences that can be tacked on to heavier strollers, such as additional padding, ample storage, heavier wheels, and support for more weight as infants grow into toddlers. However, when you want a stroller for life on the go with an infant, a lightweight model is going to offer the efficiency and ease you need.