Meet Stroller Haüs

Meet Stroller Haüs

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Stroller Haüs

Stroller Haüs is a family-owned business that has been helping parents find the perfect strollers for their needs since 1998. We pride ourselves on offering products that are going to make life easier for every parent, whether you're just starting a family or you have more than one bundle of joy.

We're not like other retailers that only show you a few models in a showroom and have zero hands-on experience. At Stroller Haüs we go above and beyond to ensure that every customer has access to the resources needed to make an informed decision. The right products can significantly improve the ease of transporting your baby, and we want to help you find the perfect strollers and car seats for your needs the first time.

For this reason, we are proud to employ sales consultants that are also moms. These dedicated individuals use our products in the trenches so they can recommend the very best strollers and car seats for each customer's individual needs. In addition, we want to make sure that every parent has access to fully functional models.

At Stroller Haüs, we know our products inside and out and we're more than ready to assist you in finding the quality and functionality that meets your unique needs. We specialize in hard-to-find models like joggers, travel strollers, adaptable models, strollers for multiples, and even high-end fashion strollers. If you're ready to find the best stroller to get your family moving, contact our experts today at 800-533-5392.

Why Invest in a Quality Stroller? Whether you're a new parent or you've been around the block a time or two already, you might be under the mistaken impression that strollers are all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. At Stroller Haüs, we know the difference a quality stroller can make in terms of comfort, functionality, and ease of use.

As a parent, you probably wish you could cradle your baby in your arms wherever you go, providing safety and comfort every step of the way. From a practical standpoint, however, you know your arms will tire and you'll need your hands free for other activities.

Strollers, car seats, and other travel products are designed to allow you freedom of movement even as you transport your baby on errands, jaunts around the neighborhood, or vacations. There are so many strollers to choose from. Why should you invest in a quality product?

One reason is longevity. Even cheap strollers can cost you a pretty penny, and the last thing you want is to find them falling apart after just a few uses. You need a stroller that's going to last until your baby is ready to walk. Choosing a quality product from the get-go ensures you won't end up spending more for replacement products down the line.

Safety and comfort are also paramount concerns. You want a stroller that's going to cradle and protect your baby just as you do when your precious infant is wrapped in your embrace. A quality stroller uses premium materials designed for comfort and durability, so you know your baby will remain comfy and secure.

Finally, quality strollers offer the utility required for consistent use, whether you prefer lightweight and portable options or heavy-duty models for rugged use. You want durable hardware, comfortable and supportive textiles, secure harnesses, efficient braking and adaptability features, and extras that keep your precious cargo safe and cozy.

In other words, you need a quality stroller, and Stroller Haüs is committed to finding the very best product for your needs. When you partner with the experts at Stroller Haüs, you're guaranteed to find the stroller that adds easy functionality and peace of mind to your everyday routine.

Picking Your Perfect Stroller

Choosing your perfect stroller begins with understanding your wants and needs. Where do you live? Are you a city dweller or are you dealing with rural roads? Do you lead an active lifestyle? Will your baby go with you on jogs around the neighborhood? Do you frequently have to switch between driving and walking? Will you spend a lot of time at home or will you take your baby with you on daily outings?

There are so many things to consider when purchasing products for your newborn. It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options and overlook important details. Stroller Haüs is here to help. Our expertise allows us to ask all the right questions in order to help every parent find the perfect stroller. If you simply don't know where to start when it comes to selecting the quality product that's going to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, count on us to find the right stroller to match your particular needs.

Choosing a Style

Stroller Haüs understands that every family has unique needs when it comes to transporting children. This is why we are proud to work with more than 50 stroller and car seat brands offering premium-quality products, including specialty and hard-to-find models.

The style you choose will depend on your lifestyle and the specific makeup of your family. Active families may want joggers, while a more sedate pace could allow for a

multi-function stroller with all the bells and whistles. Maybe you need a double stroller for twins or to accommodate an infant and a toddler. You'll need a model that provides proper security and support depending on the age of your child.

It's not easy to choose the strollers and car seats your child will spend time in, but Stroller Haüs is proud to offer a wide array of options to ensure that every parent has access to the styles and features that fit their family and their lifestyle.

Planning Ahead

A quality stroller can last for years and serve your family well, even as you continue to grow. Before you select the stroller that will work for you today, it pays to think about what you might need in the coming years.

For one thing, you want a stroller that's going to last as long as your baby needs it, transitioning from infancy to toddlerhood. However, you might also have plans to expand your family in the coming years, and a high-quality stroller can provide use value for more than one child.

Whether you're planning for multiple children close in age or you want to wait at least a couple of years before having another child, you can find the stroller that will meet your specific needs now and in the future. Stroller Haüs has the products to suit every parent's family plan.

Handy Features

The right stroller will serve your every need when moving through the world with your child in tow. Do you need an extendable cover to protect your child from the sun, rain, and other outdoor elements? How about a mosquito net?

Do you need storage space for bottles and diaper bags? Will you need an attachment for a second seat? How about convertible options to use your stroller as a car seat, carrier, or high-chair? Do you want a cup holder, toy bar, or all-terrain wheels?

You might be surprised by the number of features and extras available to you when you start looking at strollers. The experts at Stroller Haüs can help you to sift through the options to find the ones that best suit your lifestyle and your needs.


Despite all the many features available to you, there is one decision you must make before you start adding on extras. Do you want a stroller that is lightweight or something a little more heavy-duty? What's the difference?

The main difference has to do with portability and function. Lightweight strollers are ideal for travel and short jaunts like shopping because they are easy to get in and out of a car or on an airplane and they quickly stow and unfold for use.

However, they are not equipped with many of the comforts and extras that characterize heavy-duty products. For extended use in and around your local environs, you may prefer a heavier, more rugged stroller that provides the comfort, stability, security, and added functionality that meet your many needs.

Don't forget, you can also find travel systems that meet multiple functions, with options to convert between stroller and car seat with ease.

Specialty Strollers

Strollers are not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and at Stroller Haüs, we pride ourselves on ensuring every parent can find the specialty options that fit into their particular lifestyle. Are you an active parent that wants to keep your baby close even when jogging, hiking, or otherwise enjoying outdoor activities? We have joggers that are made to move with you, as well as umbrella strollers that keep your little one safe from the elements.

Are you transporting multiple children on outings, as so many parents do? A double stroller is ideal for twins or a baby and toddler. Some parents find that a standard stroller meets their needs, but if you have specialty requirements, Stroller Haüs delivers the options designed to help you get going.

Stroller Haüs is committed to serving families and partnering with parents. We're proud to offer extensive expertise and a vast array of products that ensure every parent finds the very best stroller. Don't hesitate to contact us today at 800-533-5392 to find your perfect stroller.