Running with a Jogging Stroller: What You Need to Know

Running with a Jogging Stroller: What You Need to Know

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Running is a wonderful way to vent. It’s a way to center oneself as well as feel strong. It also provides time to contemplate different issues in one's life. Once children come into your life, it can be hard to carve out time to take part in your favorite pastime. Many parents opt for a jogging stroller in order to share their favorite exercise with their child.

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Put the child in the jogging stroller, strap them in securely, go running. But the thing is, it isn’t quite that simple. It can be a little tricky.

There are some tips for running with a jogging stroller because there is an art to it. Here are few of them that are useful while logging miles behind a jogging stroller.

Skip the sidewalk

Even though sidewalks are a much safer option in most situations when you're a pedestrian, they're not the best choice when you're pushing a jogging stroller. If you're going at any kind of speed, the narrow width of the sidewalk, the regular bumps, and the dips of the driveways can make navigating a jogging stroller on a sidewalk problematic.

Even if they’re modern slim jogging strollers like these, sidewalks have too many ups and downs to be completely practical for a jogging stroller. If you can, opt for a route with minimal traffic so you can run on the road.

Use the strap and the brake

Most high-end strollers like this one feature a strap hanging from the handlebar. Before you start logging the miles, you should slide this strap over your wrist. When you stop suddenly to deal with a cramp or an untied shoelace, the strap on the handlebar will keep the stroller and baby from gliding down the sidewalk without you.

Additionally, most jogging strollers have excellent braking systems. If you do stop to deal with a hurting hamstring or a flopping lace, engage the brake to make sure that the stroller will not suddenly start to roll unbeknownst to you.

Forget about pace

When you're behind a jogging stroller, it doesn't do you a lot of good to mind your pace too much. It won't be anywhere near your pace when you are stroller-less.

There’s no question that your pace will slow when you’re pushing a 20-pound toddler in a 20-pound stroller. Think of it as an augmentation of your favorite workout – it’s jogging with an extra challenge of pushing a weight ahead of you.

Check the harness and lock the wheel

After you’ve planned your route but before you’re off and running, double-check that harness. Make sure that each strap is secure across your child’s shoulders and chest, and that the harness cinches snugly across the child’s middle.

The front wheel of jogging strollers can either swivel or lock. When you are going out on a jog, it’s really useful to lock the front wheel of your stroller. This will keep the stroller steady when you’re traveling at a fast trot and prevent it from suddenly veering off-course and smashing into something.

Snacks for baby

A lot of the newest jogging strollers have compartments under the baby’s seat so the jogger can store an assortment of goodies on their adventure. Extra water, an extra change of clothes for your child, diapers, snacks, an umbrella, and sunblock are all useful additions for your jogging stroller storage.

Find your groove

Running behind a jogging stroller is awkward at first and it takes some practice to hit your stride. Your shoulders may ache because of the way you hold your arms out, but if you can experiment with different running positions for your arms, you can lessen these sorts of aches and pains.

Jogging strollers are not all built along the same lines. Do your research before you buy a jogging stroller. The sizes of the wheels and the lines of the stroller will affect the way the stroller rolls. Some will be more reactive than others. This one, for instance, would be an excellent choice for a long dirt road.

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