Renting a car seat for rental cars: the pros and cons

Renting a car seat for rental cars: the pros and cons

Dallas Robinson

There are a lot of tough choices to make when traveling with a little one, deciding whether to bring your car seat should not be one of them. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide between traveling with your car seat and renting one on your trip.


Pros of Bringing Your Car Seat:


Your Seat is Safer

You probably comparison shopped for hours trying to find the perfect car seat for your little one. After all that work, it seems silly to gamble on whatever flimsy car seat the car rental company offers you.


Additionally, what many parents do not realize is that it is recommended that children ride in a car seat while on an airplane. Since airlines do not usually rent safety seats, having your car seat on the flight will ensure your child's safety the entirety of your trip.


Bring Your Seat Is Cost-Effective

Saving money is probably the number one reason families consider renting a car seat versus paying to travel with one from home. While most people worry about having to pay to check their car seat, taking your car seat onboard spares you any additional charges. Also, once you reach your destination, having packed your car seat, you will not have to pay for any rentals.


Your Child Is Familiar With Your Car Seat

Parents know that getting a child to sleep on a plane is a best-case scenario. Having your seat along for the ride sets you up for success before you even take off. Whether you are in your rental car or on your flight, the chances of your little one remaining calm are significantly higher if he or she is in a seat that they recognize from home.


You Are Familiar With Your Car Seat

One of the biggest issues when renting a car seat is not understanding how it works. Nothing makes for a more stressful trip than having to relearn how to use your car seat. Not only are you already familiar with the safety features and quality of your seat, you can easily slip your child in and be on your way.


Benefits of Renting A Car Seat:


Renting Is Convenient

The number one reason to leave a car seat at home is to avoid having to lug it through the airport. If you want to breeze through the check-in process and avoid checking a car seat, renting might be your best option. Remember, it might be in your best interest to bring your seat onboard.


Your Seat Is Not Allowed Onboard

While it is a good idea to keep your child safely in a car seat on your flight, there is a chance your airline will not allow your seat onboard. If you planned on carrying your car seat on,

first check the dimensions of your car seat and give the airline a call ahead of time. If it is not allowed or your car seat cannot fit comfortably on the plane, chances are you will have to rent one once you arrive.


Your Seat Could Become Lost or Damaged

After investing in a quality car seat, you want to keep it safe. Renting might seem like the best option to avoid loss or damage to the seat during baggage handling at the airport. A great compromise here is to get a travel bag to keep your seat safe.


The Car Seat May Not Be Compatible

There are a lot of considerations when using your own car seat, one of which is compatibility of the seat in your rental car. It is more certain that the rental seat with fit the rental car, having the appropriate seat base. To avoid this issue, try investing in a base-less travel seat like the Baby Jogger City Go Car Seat.


If you do not want to leave your little one's car seat up to chance, it might be best to bring your trusted seat with you. There are a number of seats and solutions that make traveling with your car seat easier. Stroller Haus has a lot of great options to choose from, both for home or when you travel.