Must-Have Stroller Accessories for Moms on the Go

Must-Have Stroller Accessories for Moms on the Go

Dallas Robinson

Being a mom is a full-time job, and then some. For moms that are afforded the luxury of staying home to raise a family, there is plenty to be done, and if you work outside the home, you have to squeeze even more into 24 hours. Either way, you may find yourself constantly playing catch-up, and you need the tools that are going to make your job easier.


This starts with finding the right stroller for your needs, whether you opt for a lightweight model with quick-fold and easy-carry features or you go with a more robust and versatile product. Probably it’s best to have both on hand for different situations. A lightweight stroller that’s great for quick errands might not provide the same level of comfort as a heavier model when it comes to hours-long outings.


In addition, you’ll want to add the accessories that turn your standard stroller into an extremely convenient mode of conveyance for your little one. There are so many accessories to choose from. Which ones offer the greatest use-value? Here are a few must-haves you can’t live without.


Cup Holder

Getting in your eight glasses of water each day is made a lot easier with a handy cup caddy that fits on the handlebar of your stroller and accommodates your water bottle. Some, like the UPPAbaby cup holder, are strong, sturdy, easy to attach to the stroller frame, and won’t impede folding.

Then there are models like the Baby Jogger Cup Holder that offer a swivel design so your water bottle can sway with the motion of your rig while you jog, reducing the risk that your bottle will be jostle out of its holster. With plenty of cup holders to choose from, you’ll want to compare features to find the one that’s perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.


Parent Console

When you’re running through the mall or the pharmacy on errands, you might need to cart all kinds of items, from a beverage and purse to your phone and keys. Instead of juggling all these items while trying to push a stroller, attach a handy console to the handlebars for supreme convenience and easy access to essentials.

The minimalist UPPAbaby Parent Organizer easily straps to your stroller handles with Velcro and features a soft and accommodating cup holder, as well as zippered pockets for valuables. The Baby Jogger Universal Parent Console has even more storage capacity with an insulated drink holder, an open pouch (for keys or more cups), and a large, covered storage pouch with interior pockets for everything else. It, too, offers easy-to-use handlebar straps.


Shopping Tote

You can’t really push a stroller and a grocery cart, but your baby might not yet have the strength to sit upright in the cart. This leaves you caught between the safety concerns of placing a car seat in the shopping cart or the hassle of carrying a basket while you push a stroller around the store. Any mom frequently caught in this predicament will love the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Shopping Tote, which easily attaches to connection points on the front of the stroller and holds up to 10 pounds of groceries.


Baby Tray

Not all accessories are made for parents – some are designed to add functionality for your precious cargo. Moms on the go know that errands and feeding times can often overlap. What are you to do when you’re out with your tot and he starts to fuss for food? Extras like the UPPAbaby Snack Tray are easy to attach, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. This particular model offers a compartment for sippy cups or juice boxes, as well as a recessed bowl for Cheerios or other snacks.


Infant Sling

Getting the padding in your stroller just right to keep a small infant secure can be frustrating, which is why new parents will definitely want the Thule Chariot Infant Sling, designed to provide lateral support and maximum stability for infants age 1-10 months.


Air Pump

As with any wheeled vehicle, the tires on your stroller can lose air pressure over time, and you might not notice a flat until you’ve reached your destination. Instead of risking damage to your tire by continuing to bump your baby around on a flat, use the handy Baby Jogger Air Pump to re-inflate tires on the go. The telescoping design means this accessory is lightweight, portable, and compact when not in use.