How to choose the ultimate baby shower gift for first-time parents

How to choose the ultimate baby shower gift for first-time parents

Dallas Robinson

One of the exciting parts of pregnancy is the baby shower. It is a time when friends and loved ones come together to celebrate momma and her soon-to-be baby. For many, it is often the “calm before the storm.” For first time parents, it is also an opportunity to receive some much-needed post-pregnancy items. If you have been invited to a baby shower for a first-time parent, you likely want to give this friend or family member a gift that is going to be useful and that is going to make the lives of these new parents a bit easier. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your search for the ultimate baby shower gift for first-time parents:

Respect Their Wishes

Sometimes, whoever is hosting the baby shower will likely lay out guidelines regarding what the first-time parents want or need. If they request certain things, even if these things are not glamorous or as fun for you to shop for, respect their wishes. This not only helps first-time parents receive things that they desperately need, it also helps cut down on unnecessary clutter in their soon-to-be very hectic household.

Go Beyond the Baby Section

First-time parents sometimes forget about themselves when requesting certain items for their new step into parenthood. Thinking outside of the box can go a long way. Meals for a month through a meal prep service, diapers for a year, or a once-a-month cleaning service can greatly help first-time parents manage the stressors that come with having a newborn in the home. Because routines need to be adjusted, thinking about basic needs can go a long way.

Purchase Bigger Clothes

Many gifts at baby showers are centered around infancy. While this is not a bad thing, infants grow quickly. Purchasing larger clothing items for the baby can help first-time parents outfit their baby long into toddlerhood. While those who have previously had children likely have some larger clothing items in storage, first-time parents have not yet accumulated items like this. Additionally, the larger the clothes, the more creative you can get. Girl and boy clothing items do not need to be boring or cheaply made. The more unique the piece is, the better. Further, you do not need to limit yourself to clothes. Items like shoes, diaper covers, and hats are all fabulous gifts.

On-the-Go Items

First-time parents may not be fully prepared the lengthy process that occurs when trying to leave the house with a baby. With that being said, first-time parents deserve to get out and about. On-the-go items that can make going out into the world with a baby easier are encouraged. Things like travel highchairs and car seat travel bags may not initially come to mind, but can be very helpful for first-time parents.

Don’t Forget About Mom

If you have had a child, you are aware of the various things you wish you had with you after delivery. Consider putting a basket together of post-delivery items. Further, you are aware of how tiresome the last month of pregnancy can be. A prenatal massage or spa day is an excellent gift for mom-to-be.

Gift Cards

Gifts don’t always have to be large in size. Gift cards are fantastic baby shower gifts. A gift card allows soon-to-be parents to buy what they need as they need it. Consider two separate gift cards to help first-time parents get some things that they want and some things that they need. Gift cards to boutiques, for example are great for fun purchases that bring life and fun to nurseries. Gift cards to large online stores like Amazon allow for necessities and provide the added bonus of quick delivery. While you can get parents gift cards to brick-and-mortar stores, it is best to purchase gift cards from stores with online shops, so parents do not have to leave the house to shop for various items. While kitschy items have their place, the items listed above can truly help first-time parents thrive. Baby showers for first-time parents are exciting and, many times, necessary. They build excitement and they provide first-time parents with items that are needed in order to cut down on stress, so they can focus on raising a happy, healthy baby.