How to Choose the Right Travel System for Your Baby's Needs

How to Choose the Right Travel System for Your Baby's Needs

Dallas Robinson

There’s no denying the convenience of a travel system when going on trips, short or long, with your baby. These multifunctional systems feature a car seat that clips into (and out of) a stroller base, which means you can transfer your child without waking him/her. This is not only useful on car trips, but also when you’re in the airport and you have to gate-check your stroller and transfer your baby to the plane.


It saves you the hassle of carting around a stroller and a separate car seat. It’s basically two useful products in one convenient package. The only problem you’re likely to face is choosing among the many options available to you. How can you select the right travel system for your baby’s needs? Here are a few things to consider.


The Age of Your Child

This is extremely important because infants under about six months will not be able to travel in a lightweight or upright stroller as they’re unable to support the weight of their heads. In addition, the average stroller frame won’t support an infant over about the age of one, whereas most travel systems, like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System, are rated for children up to about 35 pounds, or sometimes more.


The point is that the age or size of your child are important factors when choosing the right travel system for your baby’s needs. Solutions exist for infants and toddlers at every stage, so you can definitely find the perfect product for your child when you’re ready to travel, whether you start with a traditional model before upgrading to the luxe Nuna MIXX2 Travel System, or you simply cut to the chase and go straight for the multifunctional product.


A good place to start is by finding the car seat you like, since this will provide the main safety and support for your child. With options like the Nuna TAVO Travel System that feature a top-rated car seat, you won’t have to look far. From there you should be able to find a variety of options for bases that meet your needs, from full-size and lightweight options to joggers.


Form of Travel

Are you planning to travel by car, plane, or another mode of transportation? Why is this important? If you’re traveling by car, you may have more space for storage, which means you could bring along a heavy-duty travel system. If you’re traveling by plane, you might prefer a more lightweight option like the Baby Jogger City Mini Travel System that is portable and easy to collapse and stow.


Activities at Your Destination

When planning for travel, you’re likely to have some activities in mind at your destination. If you’re going to be in a city, where most surfaces are smooth thanks to paving, both lightweight and heavy strollers should suffice, although the heavier stroller is obviously better for longer outings.


If, on the other hand, your next adventure with baby will be an outdoorsy one, an all-terrain travel system like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System is bound to better serve your needs. It’s designed to handle rougher terrain thanks to robust rubber tires that absorb shock better than, say, the plastic tires on a lightweight model.


Added Features

Traveling means meeting your baby’s needs on the fly, which can prompt new parents to pack the whole kit and caboodle. A larger travel system not only offers more storage space, but allows for the use of accessories like the Baby Jogger Cup Holder, the Bugaboo Organizer, and other add-ons that will only help to make your life easier when you’re on vacation.


Although you can always purchase necessities like diapers and formula at your destination, having essentials on hand when you travel can reduce stress and help to keep your baby comfy and content. The right travel stroller can accommodate all your gear.


Strollers vs. Slings

Depending on your travel plans, you may prefer to carry your baby in a backpack or sling at certain junctures. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to do this for the duration of your trip. Plus, you’ll probably want to bring a car seat along, as well.


A travel stroller may be bulkier than your average lightweight stroller, but it includes a car seat, providing 2-in-1 appeal, and it’s certain to be more comfortable and versatile throughout your trip. Considering the conveniences you’ll enjoy with your travel system, there’s really no denying the benefits of having it when you road trip or fly the friendly skies with your baby in tow.