Great holiday gift ideas for new parents

Great holiday gift ideas for new parents

Dallas Robinson

Unlike baby shower gifts, holiday gifts for new parents are not as pressing. They can be more about wants than needs. This opens up an array of possibilities for someone shopping for new parents this holiday season. While a basket of diapers will never be turned away, here are a few ideas for holiday gifts that new parents will absolutely adore:

A Fun, Themed Gift Basket

Choose a theme that both parents and baby can enjoy. A creative and unique theme, for example, is pretzels. By filling a gift basket with items for baby like a baby pretzel rattle and a baby romper with a pretzel theme and with items for new parents like gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels and a nice bottle of wine, you can give a unique gift that meets the wants and needs of the entire household.

Group Gifts

If there has been a need expressed for a new stroller, consider pooling money together with other friends to give new parents the ultimate gift, like the Joolz Geo2 Stroller. If they already have a stroller that they love, car seats, high chairs, bike trailers, and bouncers all make for exciting, luxurious, and meaningful gifts.

Cleaning Services

You do not have to give a gift that requires wrapping in order to make an impact. New parents are often overwhelmed with simply trying to adjust to their new normal. Basic responsibilities like keeping a household tidy are often neglected so that they can focus on more important things like raising their new bundle of joy. During the holiday season, new parents are often visited frequently by friends and family. While introducing a new baby to loved ones is exciting, it is also stressful because it makes parents feel like they need to have their house in order when company arrives. Eliminate this stress by paying for a cleaning service to come and clean the house so that new parents can spend less time worrying about tidying up their home and more time with their new baby.

A Subscription-Based Service

Gifting a subscription-based service like an annual Amazon Prime membership, for example, is a great gift for new parents. Babies go through many changes in the first year of life. These changes usually require frequent diaper purchases, clothing updates, gear improvements, and various accessories. Fortunately, even if the new parents already have an Amazon Prime membership, they can convert their new membership to credit so that they can purchase anything that they need. Another subscription-based service worth considering is a meal kit delivery service or a meal prep service. Depending on the likes and dislikes of the parents (do they enjoy cooking, or would they rather have food that is already fully prepped?), a meal kit delivery or meal prep service is a great gift option. When caring for a baby, sometimes the nutritional needs of the parents are neglected. To make sure that these new parents are properly fed in a stress-free way, give the gift of a meal subscription service.

Nursery Décor

Parents often spend a great deal of time in their baby’s nursery. If you know what the theme for the nursery is, nursery décor or accessories make for great holiday gifts. Unique crib sheets, coat racks, or a special canvas height chart can all add personality and a special touch to a baby’s nursery.

Breastfeeding Accessories

If you know that mom is breastfeeding (and if you know her well enough to provide her with breastfeeding accessories), gifts that make the experience as comfortable as possible are greatly encouraged. A nursing dress, for example, that is cozy and stylish is something that mom will be able to get a lot of use out of. Additionally, if she does not yet have one, a nursing pillow can help make late night feedings a lot more comfortable. Holiday shopping for new parents does not have to be boring or daunting. Have some fun with your gift choices this season and give new parents gifts that not only address their needs, but that address their wants as well. Of course, as previously stated, you can truly never go wrong with copious amounts of diapers perfectly nestled within a stylish diaper bag.