Getting ready for baby! 5 tips for preparing and decorating the nursery

Getting ready for baby! 5 tips for preparing and decorating the nursery

Dallas Robinson

Pregnancy is a whirlwind. The emotions that accompany the soon-to-be arrival of a baby can be equally dizzying. It is exciting. It is frightening. It is anxiety inducing. It is amazing. One of the tasks many parents want to check off of their pre-delivery to-do lists is preparing and decorating their child’s nursery. Unlike decorating a living room, special thought needs to be put into nursery preparation as it is where you will be spending a great deal of time once you bring baby home from the hospital (or once you deliver safely in the comfort of your own home or birthing cottage). Here are five tips for preparing and decorating your baby’s nursery:

1. Make Convenience a Priority

When a baby enters the home, everything shifts: priorities, sleeping routines, eating habits, work schedules, and a bounty of other day-to-day tasks are cast aside or rearranged in an attempt to make the baby the number one priority. In regard to the nursery, convenience is crucial. You will be doing a lot of diaper changing. Because so much activity happens at the changing table, make everything that you need within arm’s reach of the table or basket (like this handwoven changing basket) . Diapers, wipes, laundry baskets, diaper disposal systems, burping cloths, pacifiers, diaper rash creams, and changing table covers should all be easily accessible when you are standing at your changing table. 

2. Reduce the Clutter

It can be easy to get a little too carried away when setting up your baby’s nursery. It is understandable! You are excited and filling your baby’s nursery with every knickknack is a fun, exciting activity. However, you want to make sure that you are able to move freely in the nursery and that your baby is able to move freely once he or she is crawling. You do not want to accidentally trip over anything. One way to have all of the accessories that you need and want is to make sure that your nursery has ample amounts of storage space. Functional storage space is essential so your nursery can still have all of the odds and ends without having to leave those odds and ends strewn about the room.

3. Mimic Nighttime

As anyone who has had a baby knows, sleep is crucial. When you finally get your baby to sleep, the last thing that you want is his or her nap being cut short due to sunlight. Make sure that your nursery can “fake” nighttime when needed. Heavy curtains or blackout shades allow for the nursery to be as dark as possible at all hours of the day.

4. Splurge On Your Chair

Late night feedings are much easier when mom has a comfortable chair to nurse in. In fact, some say that the nursery chair is the most important item that one can purchase for their nursery. You will feed your baby in this chair. You will read to your baby in this chair. You will cuddle, bond with, and create precious memories with your baby in this chair. Do not skimp on the chair. You want to purchase a chair that is comfortable enough for you and your significant other. Arm rests are helpful as your arms will tire after a while. This chair should also easy to clean because chances are spit up, other bodily fluids, and milk will end up on the chair more often than not. A great addition to any nursery chair is a nursing pillow, like this Organic Kapok Nursing Pillow.

5. Have Fun Pick a fun theme.

Pick colors that you will enjoy and décor that is relaxing and enjoyable for you, not just for your baby. Because you will be spending so much time in this room, it should be a room that you enjoy being in. Various accessories and clothing items can all contribute to a room’s overall theme. Using these five tips, you can create a well-decorated and functional nursery that suits the needs of both yourself and your baby. Remember that convenience is crucial, that clutter is hazardous, darkness is encouraged, the chair is a necessity, and the design elements of the room should be both aesthetically pleasing and visually relaxing.