5 Jogging Stroller Safety Tips that You Should Know

5 Jogging Stroller Safety Tips that You Should Know

Dallas Robinson

New moms can start to go a little stir crazy after a few weeks or months at home. Even when your every waking hour is consumed with caring for your newborn, it’s easy to start feeling a bit antsy, especially if you were an avid exerciser before you found yourself in the family way.


If you’re ready to get back out on the trail, breathe the fresh air, and reboot your jogging routine, it’s time to start looking at jogging strollers that allow you to take your little one along for the ride. Before you get started, there are a few important safety tips you’ll want to observe.


1. Wait eight months

Like most new moms, you’re probably itching to get back to your exercise routine, shed the remainder of your baby weight, and start to feel toned and fit again. This process is made a lot easier with equipment that allows you to take your infant jogging with you. Unfortunately, most manufacturers of jogging strollers recommend that you wait until your baby is eight months old and has sufficient neck strength.


That said, every child develops differently and the right jogging stroller will provide the support and recline features needed to keep your baby’s head comfortably cradled while you jog. The best thing to do before strapping your infant into your jogging stroller is speak with your pediatrician. He/she can advise you on your baby’s development and make suggestions about when it’s safe to bring your bundle of joy along on your runs.


2. Lock the front wheel

The reason front wheels on a stroller rotate is to make it easier to maneuver your rig when you want to take a turn. This is fine if you’re walking at a sedate pace, but when you’re running, a freely swiveling front wheel could be a recipe for disaster, especially when operating on uneven terrain or going downhill.


If you want to avoid a tipping incident, simply toggle the remote lock feature on the handlebar of your jogging stroller to ensure smooth sailing when you start running. When you’re ready for your cool-down, you can toggle it off to regain front wheel swivel functionality for easier maneuvering.


3. Double check the safety harness

The five-point safety harness in your jogging stroller is designed for the comfort and safety of your infant, but it only works if you make sure to properly fasten and adjust it. Straps should lay flat over the shoulders, across the torso, and between the legs and should be snugly secured for safety, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable for your child.


Double check that the safety harness is securely fastened before you start jogging. It’s a good idea to check the straps every time you put your baby in – they may need frequent adjustment as your baby grows.


4. Watch the weight

It’s always a good idea to know the weight restrictions on your jogging stroller so you make sure not to overload it. You’ll need to consider both the weight of your child and the added weight of any cargo you plan to bring along. If you have a base that works with other seats (like a third-party car seat), you should calculate weight difference so you make sure not to overload.


When jogging, specifically, you’ll want to avoid adding unnecessary weight. The cause of many tipping incidents is the inclusion of bulky bags on handlebars that cause the entire kit and caboodle to become unbalanced. If you want to include basics like a water bottle and a small diaper bag, secure them in the bottom cargo area of your Bugaboo Runner Base instead of hanging them on the handlebars.


5. Use the parking break

This tip isn’t just for jogging strollers. Any time you stop to grab a sip of water, do a few push-ups, or talk to a friend, you need to put stroller wheels on lockdown with the parking brake, even on level ground. Remember, these strollers are made to move, and the slightest incline or stiff breeze could set the wheels to rolling, taking your baby right along with the rig. Adopt a “safety first” mentality and use the parking break every time you come to a stop.