5 Essential High Chair Safety Tips You Should Know

5 Essential High Chair Safety Tips You Should Know

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As a parent, you may have noticed that you have gone through some changes. Your personal routine has drastically changed – you’re now a person who can survive off of small stretches of sleep. Your whole inner landscape has changed as well. Suddenly there’s this brand-new marvelous human in the world, and you can’t quite remember what the world was like before. You have also become hyper-vigilant and can juggle quite a few running scenarios in your head at one time. It’s almost as if you’ve gained superhero powers and are able to spot danger lurking in any shadow or around every corner.

As a parent, you also have realized just how much necessary stuff a small human needs. There are strollers, car-seats, and baby-wipe warmers (not so necessary), and so much more. And just when you think you’ve gotten the complete arsenal of baby-tending accoutrements, your baby grows out of it and you have to get the next version or size.

Your baby is going to spend a fair amount of time eating when she’s not sleeping or taking in her new world. It’s a wonderful relief to be able to strap your babe into her high chair and let her observe her family and home. It also gives your arms a break to do something else instead of hold her, no matter how cute the wee dumpling is. Yes, a good high chair is a parent’s blessing.

When choosing a high chair, consider these safety concerns and make sure your new purchase addresses them.

  1. Well made:

Your new high chair should be as strong and secure as a tank. The base should be wide at the bottom with the legs thick and far apart, to make it more stable. The lower the chair’s center of gravity, the harder it will be to tip over. And with a wriggling, squirming, bouncing baby in its seat, that’s exactly the reassurance you want.

  1. Secure:

I always think of 5 p.m. as the Witching Hour. 5 o'clock has always struck me as the most chaotic, fraught time of day. People are trickling into the kitchen, dinner has to get made, and the family is getting hangry. Not a good combination. If your bundle is in his high chair, you want to make sure that that high chair isn’t moving an inch, even if you’re occupied with something else. Check the wheels, if your high chair has them, to make sure they’re locked. If you use one that attaches to the table, double-check its security. A lot of these sturdy options don’t even have wheels, so it’s a non-issue.

  1. Strap in:

Those five-point harness systems are incredibly important for keeping little Suzie safe in her high chair. The lesser three-point system or lap belt does not cut it. Picture the worst case scenario: the high chair tips over. You want Suzie to stay strapped in regardless so she can remain as safe as possible. Make sure the straps are snug and all connected before moving onto another task.

  1. Out of reach:

Babies can get into a lot of things, and their curiosity and tiny hands are perfect for exploring their new world. They can also grab pretty tightly, as anyone who’s had a baby latch onto their nose can report. Make sure that the high chair is out of reach from drawers, tables, and especially the stove and oven. Make sure that it's also out of the way of household traffic, and won’t get jostled by other people or pets.

  1. Check for recalls:

It’s crucial to check for current recalls for your baby items. These strollers, high chairs, and bouncers are protecting your baby from the outside world, because right now she’s too soft and little for it. You want to make choices that matter, choices that will keep her safe. Periodically check Recalls.gov for any recent recalls.

If you’ve done your research and paid attention to all the safety details, you’re sure to find what you need. This chair transforms as your child grows, moving from newborn stage to toddlerhood. It’s basically multiple products in one. When you buy it at Stroller Haus, you know you’re getting quality.